Maintaining peace and security is one of the basic tasks assigned to the General Delegation for National Security (GDNS). Along side other impor­tant tasks it constitute not only a fundamental option for the "Greater Ambitions" platform for which the President of the Republic. His Excellency Paul Biya was voted at the October llth, 2004 presidential election but also the pereouisite to achieve other objectives that have been set out. They are: moder­nizing the democratisation process, rendering the economy more dynamic, the advent of a more just and united society and promoting Cameroon's image abroad. In other words, there can be no Greater Ambitions without peace and security.

Under the supervision of the Head of State, the Supreme Commander of the police, the police corps intends to put in much effort to achieve the objectives that are set for it within the framework of the implementation of the "ambition's" program through which Cameroon may advance into modernity.

Working in collaboration with the other law enforcement corps, the General Delegation of National Security is irresolutely determined to move towards a regular Quest for efficiency in the services it ren­ders, improving on discipline, the respect of professional ethics, the consolidation and development of partnership between the police and the population.

The main objective is to create a favourable envi­ronment for a modern police force capacable of facing the challenges of the time and to create a favourable environment for the promotion of social cohesion and national economic growth.

There is no doubt that it is a difficult task, which will take a long time to change the old bad habits. This would require understanding and above all total approval from members of the entire corps and society.

On the other hand, faced with the growing transborder organised crime, the GDNS will work in collaboration with colleagues abroad and competent international organisations. In the same light, the threat of terrorism on the international community makes it incumbent on Cameroon to take all necessary measures to check the spread along side other friendly countries.