-Ministry of Finance;

-Ministry in charge of Relations with the Commonwealth;

-Ministry in charge of Relations with the Islamic World;

-Ministry of Industries, Mines and Technological Development;

-Ministry  of Economy, Planning and Territorial Management;

-Ministry External Relations.

Socio-professional organs

-Order of Accountants of Cameroon;

-Order of barristers of Cameroon;

-Groupement Interpatronal du Cameroun;

-Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Crafts of Cameroon;

-Movement of Cameroonian Entrepreneurs (MECAM);

-Cameroon Companies (E. CAM).

Public organs

-Agency for the Promotion of Investments (API);

-Directorate of Industrial Development;

-Directorate of Foreign Economic and Financial Control;

-Directorate of Economic and Technical Cooperation;

-Directorate of Taxes;

-Directorate of Customs;


-Management Unit for Investment Code;

-Agency for the Promotion of Exports;


-National Office of Industrial Free Zones;