Another initiative launched during the 32nd OAU Summit by the First Lady to address problems facing rural women and children in Africa.

African Synergies is a non-governmental organisation comprising First Ladies from Africa and other continents who accept to adhere to its statute, natural or legal persons of goodwill and scientists who contribute to the achievement of the goals and objectives of AFRICAN SYNERGY, including former First Ladies of Africa and from other continents, on their request.


African Synergies seeks to put an end to child labour and other forms of child abuse. The role of African Synergies is to:

-  seek all means to secure improved living conditions for African rural women;

-  provide constant support for the effective implementation of the Geneva Declaration and African and global platforms.

HIV-AIDS control is a major concern of African Synergies. Many gifts are made to the organization to help combat this scourge, which is plaguing communities worldwide.