The Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic Mr. Ferdinand NGOH NGOH granted audience to the outgoing Swiss Ambassador to Cameroon, Urs BERNER, on Tuesday 13 August 2013. Speaking to the press shortly after their discussions that lasted over thirty minutes, the Urs BERNER said that he was very happy that the President of the Republic His Excellency Paul BIYA had personally asked the Secretary General to receive him at Unity Palace as the Swiss diplomat came to take official leave of Cameroon to return to his country.

The Swiss Ambassador arrived in Cameroon in 2011 and his duties consisted of consolidating the friendly ties between his country and Cameroon, which is mainly in the domains of agro-industry and research.

It should be recalled that during his stay in Cameroon, Urs BERNER had audience with President Paul BIYA when he accompanied officials of Nestlé, the Swiss conglomerate that is very active in Cameroon, to Unity Palace. The company has investments of over 20 billion Francs CFA in Cameroon and is promoting the use of local raw material, especially cassava tubers in its products.

Plans are underway to boost these cooperation ties when Cameroon’s Minister of External Relations leads a high level delegation to Berne in the near future.