Cameroonians from North to South, East to West, united behind the Head of State, are commemorating the 31st anniversary of the accession to power of His Excellency Paul BIYA, this Wednesday 6 November 2013. Several events will take place all over the national territory and abroad in support of the New Impetus under the impulsion of the President of the Republic through his policy of “Major Accomplishments” which are geared to make Cameroon an emerging country by 2035.

Within the thirty one years of being in power, President Paul BIYA has accomplished many political, economic, social and cultural achievements. In the political domain, Cameroon has become a haven of peace and national unity, an undeniable truth. In short, Cameroon, a country of liberty, a model political stability in Africa. Democracy is progressing well, as was seen in the recent legislative and municipal elections which took place in an atmosphere of calm and serenity, a measure of the political maturity of Cameroonians, while elsewhere on the continent, these consultations sometimes result to violence. At the level of governance, the fight against the misuse of public funds is continuing with ferocity.

In the economic domain, the constant growth observed these past years, with more that 5% growth in 2013, augurs for better days to come for the wellbeing of the population, which is the main preoccupation of the Head of State. Several major projects are underway, (deep seaport in Kribi, hydro-electricity projects in Memve’ele, Lom Pangar, Mekin, gas project at Logbaba in Douala, etc.), while others are completed, such as the Kribi thermal station, and yet others are soon to begin, such as the Yaoundé –Douala expressway and the second bridge on the Wouri in Douala. In short, since 2012, Cameroon has become a vast construction site.