The First Lady, Mrs. Chantal BIYA met with a group of foreign health experts at the Unity Palace on 16 May 2017.

The reproductive health specialists from Europe, America and Africa were participants of a workshop organised by the Yaounde-based Hospital Centre for Applied Research, Endoscopic Surgery and Human Reproduction (CHRACERH).

Dr. Eric Sebban and Dr. Frederic Chiche, both from the American Hospital in Paris, lauded the efforts of Mrs. Chantal BIYA, who is the patroness of CHRACERH. Discussions were centred on how to promote her endless commitment that has led to the creation of this platform, which conducts in-vitro fertilisation (IVF).

It was revealed that CHRACERH has sealed a partnership agreement with the American Hospital in Paris, to facilitate the exchange of expertise. This will lead to the treatment of more women with uterine and cervical cancers, fibroids, and breast cancers.