About 700 children received special packages from First Lady Chantal BIYA during a flamboyant Christmas tree lighting ceremony organised at the Chantal BIYA Foundation on 24 December 2021.

Among the happy recipients were children hospitalised at the mother and child care units as well as those of the Child First Centre orphanage. Their warm, tender and mirthful faces transmitted a reflection of deep gratitude and recognition to commend Mrs Chantal BIYA for her boundless generosity. 

The First Lady, during a tour of the specialised units of the hospital with her guests, paid homage to late Jeanne Irene BIYA and placed a wreath of flowers by her statute that is found at the courtyard of the hospital. This was followed by a brief and brilliant performance from choirs such as “La Voix du Cenacle” and the “Spirit Song de Meyomessala”.

Words of encouragement were also directed at the staff members who were glad to see their patroness after a long period marked by COVID-19 restrictions.

This outing by the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Education and Social Inclusion has reaffirmed her longstanding determination to assist all groups of vulnerable persons. It is equally a morale booster to all the stakeholders of the 27-year-old Chantal BIYA Foundation.